September 19, 2008


We're packing up and heading home today.

Which won't take long given that we had to pack really light. We took two carry on suitcases with us - and one was completely filled with all my IV meds and supplies.

Of course my IV pole didn't fit in my suitcase so we had to use a little creative ingenuity. I have been tethered to a bungee cord for 4 hours a day while here.

Have Bungee, Will Travel.

It'll be good to get home - we've missed our kids!

We're not used to so much peace and quiet.

Sunset at Half Moon Bay

We are incredibly grateful to my folks and Graham's mom for staying with the kids and keeping things running so smoothly at home this week.

They willingly relinquished the peace and quiet of their lives this week and for that we are so appreciative.

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