September 24, 2008

Graham's 2 cents - Please pray for Shannon

I'm writing on behalf of Shannon. Who is "I'm?" I'm is Graham, the ticked-off husband of Shannon. Ticked off at this bloody-awful disease that has engulfed Shannon - engulfed our family.

At the moment - moment being the last three days, she's been on the couch. She can not effectively walk (Avery saw her walk this morning, and burst into tears), her breathing is difficult, and is extremely laboured if she sits upright. Since breathing is a fairly important function to maintain, she has been confined to the couch until I can carry her up to bed. She also describes her internal organs feel like they've been ripped out, turned inside out, and set on fire. I might add that her joints are painful and swollen.

Needless to say, I don't really know what else to say. Well, other than please pray for my wife! She's very discouraged, and it's difficult to see my beloved in this state. We know that these episodes are all part of the healing process - and we can expect them, but it's not pleasant going through them.

We can probably attribute her current state to the detox stuff we brought back from last week's visit to Dr. H. He did mention her body was a cesspool of neurotoxins, and so now that they are being ordered to leave, they're doing the Al Qaeda thing - blowing stuff up as they go.

But wait there's more! Yesterday I discovered my extended medical doesn't cover the IV supplies which are needed to infuse the IV medications (which they do cover!). So now we are attempting to creatively come up with a solution that will hopefully cost less than the $517 per month we're currently forking out over and above all the supplements and associated expenses. While it is a concern, I'm decidedly not panicked because...

...our God is a great God, and it is He who has been creatively and lovingly taking care of us. And I know He will continue to do so.

Thank you for those of you who are holding us close.

By His Grace,



Sharon said...

I keep watching for your blog daily. I know when you are in a bad state when the blog doesn't come. I pray that this week may be seeing some light at the end of the dark tunnel. You are such a strong person Shannon, keep it up. Hope to see you soon. Love to you and all those kids (Graham too). Maybe we'll see you tomorrow at the BS potluck, your husband is brining #@#@#%$#%$#@*&&%^&^%$^^$^$##$@%#^%$#%$^ or whatever he called it.
Love Sharon

Sue said...

Hi Shannon & Graham, I hope things are looking up since your last post on the blog.

Shannon I am sending you warm fuzzy thoughts and I hope this helps some.

On the 24th of September the day of Grahams plea for prayers a baby was born to my daughter making me a grandmother to a bouncing baby boy.

I was lucky enough to spend a week with him snuggled in my arms and that my lyme did not stop me from enjoying it all.

I hope your nasty little critters stop taking the joy from you soon too.

Sue in Sidney

Jessie said...

Just a little concerned, neither of you have written on here or Facebook in awhile. I hope things are okay. Let us know!