September 18, 2008


I am feeling a lot better today so we decided to take in some of the local sites that are in and around Redwood City and Palo Alto.

Before we set off for our little driving tour, we needed to swing by Dr H's office to pick up some med supplies. I am slow to get going in the morning and our timing happened to coincide with the lunch hour, so we got there, just as Dr H was leaving for lunch. (Actually, relieved to see the guy actually takes a break - he looks so tired out!)

When he saw us he wanted to know what we were doing there AGAIN!
My quick thinking husband quipped, "Oh we're here to take you out for lunch!"
Oh man you should have seen the expression on his face!
It was priceless!
In fact, we were so entertained by it, we're thinking we might just pop by again tomorrow at lunch time!

After having a good laugh at Dr H's expense and hearing from Anthony that he's checked out my blog and is still blushing, we set off to check out Palo Alto to check out the Igenex Lab.

I have a definate warm fuzzy feeling for this lab. Anyone with LD will understand what I mean.

After checking out Igenex and having a nice little chat with one of the employees there, we took a little driving tour of Palo Alto. It was then that we discovered that there are some strange and unique things to be found in Palo Alto and surrounding area.

We ended off the day with dinner at a Sushi Restaurant. That was a strange experience as well. Upon first entering the restaurant, it initially appeared very traditionally Japanese, complete with several little bridges spanning coi fish ponds. However, upon closer examination, we noticed the walls were made of logs and there were taxidermied Canadian Geese hanging from the ceiling and ducks peering creepily from the rafters.

We're kicking ourselves for not having taken a few pictures.

It was a fitting end to a strangely entertaining day.

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Nancy M. said...

You've been in my old stomping grounds! PA is literally my home town, born at Stanford Univ Hosp. Grew up in Sunnyvale; Mom taught in the PASD. Can still smell the wax on the floors at Paly High from the late '60's... Never saw any of those unique things, tho...

Great things obviously happen in PA/Redwood City. So thankful that it's your land of milk & honey. (Still holding onto my Moses image of you!)