September 13, 2008


I survived the week with Graham gone.
Really it was only 3 days but I'll take credit for a full week.

3 days of terrible coffee is easily equal to a week of suffering anyway.

All in all, I managed okay. And that is nothing to blink an eye at. Last week I was herxing and could not have managed on my own.
The fact that I could get through 3 days on my own without outside support is an encouraging sign that progress is being made. One baby step at a time.

Graham's trip this week coincided with the kids first full week back at school. Which was both good and bad. Bad because it meant doing the early morning off to school routine. I don't do mornings. Admittedly that is not necessarily a 'lyme' thing. I'm just not a morning person. At all. Anytime before 10am is the middle of the night as far as I'm concerned.

Avery is in afternoon kindergarten. And Taylor, who's almost 16, is old enough to get himself off on his own. Taylor actually does mornings about as well as I do - so he appreciates being left to his own devices. So it was only Parker that I needed to get off to school in the morning. And when he woke up Wednesday morning with a tummy ache, I was more than a little relieved to suggest that maybe he should stay home.

So needless to say, I only had to stumble my way through 2 off to school mornings.

My level of fatigue continues to be profound and very limiting. It certainly helped that Avery was in school every afternoon. I dragged myself off the couch long enough to drop her off at school each day and then would make a beeline for home and bed. The lengthy afternoon nap allotted me enough energy to sit at the park and let the kids play afterschool for an hour. Then home for another nap before dinner. And by evening I was semi-comatose and not really coherent.

So I am super thankful the kids didn't have homework.

Grade 4 math and spelling would have been way beyond me.

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