August 12, 2008


LD does weird things to body's ability to regulate its core temperature.
By day, I am always freezing cold.
but by night I turn into an overheating furnace that requires sub zero temperatures to keep my night sweats at bay.

Last night was no exception. I kept waking, drenched in sweat and boiling hot. To me, the room was unbearably hot. I kept nudging Graham awake, pleading with him to crank up the air conditioner. Thankfully, it didn't take much coaxing to get him to do it as he's not particularly crazy about sleeping in a soggy bed.

Finally, by 3am and after 4 climate control adjustments, I managed drift off to sleep...despite the fact that I was still really warm and sweating.

Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning and find my kids all huddled together under a mountain of blankets, Graham asleep in his jacket and Grandma frozen solid.

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