December 14, 2011


12 years ago today, my hair looked like this:

i also gave birth to our christmas baby... parker noah aka sparky

welcome to our family, sparky
parker's actual due date was christmas eve
however, given my first labor and delivery went at the lightening fast speed of 1 hour (i know. don't hate on me!) - and produced a hefty 9lb 1oz first born son, taylor, my doc felt going full term the second time around was asking for trouble...possibly a "by the side of the freeway" type of delivery

it's impossible to know exactly how any labor and delivery will go but at any rate, there was no way my doc was letting me go full term, so in early december, our doc, graham and i sat down, calendars and day timers open, to chose the day to convene upon the hospital 
given the time of year, it was a rather convenient thing to do and it definitely appealed to my organized side!

when we arrived on the 14th for the planned induction, the labour and delivery RNs were less than impressed and rather quite skeptical - stating that this was a matter of convience rather than necessity

i didn't argue
after all, every labor and delivery is different
i couldn't guarantee a speedy delivery and i wasn't about to make claims of how i wouldn't take up too much of their time....after all, you just never know...

of course, they were shocked into a stunned silence when we welcomed parker noah into the world...a mere 45 minutes later. (i know. don't hate on me!)

set for a speedy delivery
our easy going, affable, laid back, happy go lucky little christmas baby...

our little sparky

and now he is 12.

parker - summer 2011
little pool fun with his dry-pro picc line swimming cover

happy 12th birthday to my christmas baby, Parker. you amaze me and i learn from you - you are tough. you are brave. you are determined. you are witty. you are tender-hearted. you are one of the sweetest, most compassion-filled people i know.

you are the Spark-y in our lives and we love you.

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Jude said...

this post made me cry. What a gift to celebrate Parker's life.
Oh and I LOVE your hair like that!