December 6, 2011


we are in SF to see DR H! SURPRISE! my intention was to blog about our upcoming trip ahead of time but that (clearly) did not happen.

we flew into Oakland yesterday (monday) morning, hit an In-N-Out Burger - thankfully, i can still eat the burgers - so long as they are devoid of anything somewhat healthy - such as the tomato, onion & lettuce - veggies are still off limits for me, and then made the short drive to our hotel in San Jose. even though our plane already landed, Parker and Avery haven't. 

avery and parker
up, up and away...
it is hard to believe it has only been 3 months since our last in office visit. in some ways, the time has gone fast, in other ways it's gone slow. so much has happened since our last in office that it's hard to wrap my mind around it. i am incredibly relieved to be here.

this afternoon, we are heading to our appointments with DR H...and i am asking for major prayer. please pray for discernment and wisdom for DR H - I believe some really critical and pivotal decisions need to be made today.

if you would be so inclined - we would LOVE for you to drop us a line - either here on the blog, on FB or at my email it would mean the world to us. 

the simplest message of "i am praying" is all that is required for us to know that you are standing with us and we are not alone. 

we love you all and are so appreciate of your love and support!


JillSola said...

I am a silent follower of your blog, but am joining with you in prayer.

Harrison said...

I am praying! Xoxoxo


alyson1derland said...

I am praying!


Jessica said...

Absolutely praying for you all.

Kristie said...

I am sorry if I missed this, but I want you to know, I NEVER stop praying