April 25, 2016


the boy's staples came out last week...

he was told he has to be careful so as not to disturb the healing process. he has to go easy so as not to put strain on his freshly healing incision. no heavy lifting but he has to be brave and gently stretch it even though it hurts. he must be patient with the process.

his broken skin and fragmented bones are healing. this is good.

so then why am i splitting apart at the seams?

last week was a haze of panic attacks and uncontrollable episodes of vomiting. the last few days have been better but i'm still bawling at the drop of a hat (and i need a hat to cover up my hair color drama)

what is going on?

is it one of the stealth pathogens that lie in my body - like thieves in the night waiting for a moment of unguarded weakness strike?

is it the years of watching my child(ren) fight their own battles with chronic lyme? and the invasive grief and holy hell fury i feel in the face of their suffering? when a momster can't make it better...well, that splits your heart wide and bleeds it dry.

is it the orange roots and hair balls i'm leaving in my crying, puking, trembling wake?

is it just life? this lyme life that we live...with one crisis after the next happening and no time to set straight the brokenness in between?

or am i so broken and damaged and so lacking in resilience that i'm just coming unglued? (that's what my anxiety screeches in my ear)

it's probably a combination of all of the above.

yup. the past 10 years...coupled with the last 7 months have been a wild ride. chaotic. sorrowful. painful. bewildering. they've taken a toll. they've cut deep and wounded my momster heart.

and yet, piece by piece the boy is healing.

his surgeon's advice is worth taking to heart for all of us.

take care. be gentle. go easy. be brave.

healing takes time, courage and patience...and it can even hurt - especially when the wound is fresh and runs deep.

but i can heal. we all can. never give up.

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