April 14, 2016


one week post surgery and the boy went to school today.

i spoke with the surgeon's office this morning and when i told them he was recovering well and had even gone to school today. they exclaimed, "that's amazing!"

i thought to myself, "yup. you're darn right it is."

actually, they really have no idea how mind-blowingly amazing it is.

"let me tell you something you already know... the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. it's a very mean and nasty place and i don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees...and keep you there permanently if you let it. you, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life but it ain't about how hard you hit. it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. it's about how much you can take and keep moving forward. that's how winning is done." 
                                                                           ~rocky balboa

just a short 6 weeks ago we were at quite possibly one of the lowest points we have ever been. sparky's situation was grim and we felt pretty hopeless.

the 6 months following our trip to kansas were beyond hard. they were horrible and heartbreaking. they were horribly heartbreaking. 

we are working through all of it ... we have deep wounds that are in need of healing. we still feel bewildered, confused and confounded by all that has transpired. we are still trying to piece together the puzzle that is parker...especially in regard to his relapse (that started in january 2015) and then the monumental spiral downward that transpired after our trip in october (2015) to the treatment center in kansas. the prevailing and confounding questions of course has been what the hek happened?! what triggered the initial relapse in january 2015 and then what triggered or contributed to the rapid and accelerated decline in october.

lyme and babesia are still an issue - that is a known and well-established fact but we figured there must be another underlying factor. that there was some missing piece to the puzzle has always been of concern to DR H. the hope was that this would be uncovered at the center in kansas.

since november (2015) we have been working with DR H to put the pieces together...there has been a lot of brainstorming, testing, and treatments. 

there were multiple issues to investigate. the boy is a mystery. 

at the tail end of february (2016), we were able to identify a clear link between his joint pain and localized inflammation. this was a huge revelation as we had been trying to treat it from a brain involvement standpoint - the theory being that his brain may be caught in a neurological loop/misfiring pain signals as opposed to there being actual inflammation in his joints. once we identified this link it helped to narrow down the field as to underlying causes. 

heavy metal toxicity came to light as a strong possibility. DR H started parker on a heavy metal detox in march. he had never been treated for this. testing did reveal that he had high levels of several metals (cadmium, mercury, lead). once we began treating the localized inflammation and then added in a heavy metal detox things rapidly changed for the better.

we are not in the home stretch by any means. so far what we are doing is working and he is feeling tons better but we haven't found some miracle cure either. i've been on what he is on and it's not helped me. i know others that have too. it seems to be the right thing for his body right now but whether or not it is healing him or just managing his symptoms is unknown. DR H is concerned that it is the latter. we are still trying to assemble all the factors at play. there is still testing and further investigation that needs to be done. as well as doctors appointments to schedule. of course, this has all been delayed since he went head first over the handle bars of his bike last week. (called a "superman" in mountain biking lingo)

now he's literally being held together with 19 staples, 6 screws and a titanium plate.

so the boy is chock full of metals.

how ironic.

he is tough as nails. he's resilient. strong. brave. enduring. stoic. funny as hek. and my word is he a fighter. the first 2 days after surgery were rough. he barely moved or spoke. it was tough. but what he's lived through in the past 7 years pales in comparison. he says the pain from lyme is worse than this. can you even imagine?

i am amazed by his spirit...and that he is pulling through this so remarkably well. 

is it the calm before hell breaks loose again? gosh, i hope not. of course there is concern that this trauma to his body could push things into a tailspin again. we have been in touch with DR H's office several times since the accident and he has been started on additional antibiotics to treat any flare of lyme the accident could cause. 

is there fear that one wrong move could split wide open what has been stitched together? absolutely. but we are picking up the pieces and tying to keep focused on moving forward. one. day. at. a. time. we are grateful to be where we are. we hope that this forward progression continues. our boy has been through enough. 

ps don't give up


lymebegone said...

I am so amazed at your incredible spirit and drive Parker. It is so good to see that you are through the surgery, and we all continue to pray for your continued healing. We know that the past few months have not been easy- an understatement- and so confusing to know what to do next and how to figure it all- but thank you for sharing and it is such good news to hear that you have been finding some relief in the most recent treatments. Keep going!!
You are never far from our thoughts. Riley sends all his good wishes- and hopes that one day you can take him on some mtn. bike trails. We love you all. The Lindbergs

lymewarrior said...

Its great to see another fighter, you are a strength to us all. Can you please share your experience with immunothrerapy and if that helkped you at all. I have been struggling with lyme and co infectiosn for about 12 years now. Any good news for therapies that work will help.

Thanks and good luck on your h=journey

lymewarrior said...

you give us all strength, ;-)
I have had lyme and co infections for 12 years now, please can you tell me if the immunotherapy has worked for you. Thank you and best wished on your hourney

s. said...

hi lovely lindberg family!
thx for dropping parker a line. appreciate hearing from you.

the g-unit

s. said...

hi lymewarrior

what a long journey you are on! it is heartbreaking to hear you have been fighting for so long. thx for dropping me a line. we've had mixed results with the immunotherapy...and it's been a long process to even feel like i could formulate an opinion on whether or not it is working....but i am in process of writing an update about it...hoping to have it finished and published this week.

never give up. there is always hope.