April 3, 2016


so this happened on saturday.

parker had a bit of a crash while mountain biking. his clavicle (collar bone) is broken and displaced. it is also seperated at the shoulder. he will be having surgery (most likely) on monday.

my last update about our sparky boy (read hope is what we crave) was about how he was and had been very ill for the past 6 months. shortly after i posted that he had a change in treatment which resulted in a total 180 in his health. over the past 4 weeks he has experienced a rapid and radical improvement in all his symptoms... he had now been re-building strength, shooting hoops, riding his bike and had even been able to go to school several times. it felt like a miracle. we just hadn't yet talked about it with anyone outside of family because it was all so new and still felt tenuous. he was/has been improving BUT he was (is) still living with daily symptoms and day to day flares. and we (along with DR H) were still concerned that things could just as suddenly decline and he could head downhill again. we felt a little, okay actually a lot scared that the rug could be pulled out from under him at any moment.

turns out the rug is his bike.

the crash occurred in a bike park on the sunshine coast. the medics at the park were fantastic and super compassionate. he had to endure coming down the mountain - they could have put him on a stretcher - but he chose to walk down (with help) and then a long wait in local ER. he then had to endure a 90 min ferry ride and 45 min drive to hospital where we live. he was given a shot of toradol after the accident but until we arrived at our city hospital the day after the accident, he'd just been on tylenol and advil to manage the pain. needless to say,  the last 24 hours have been intense & traumatic. but parker is tough as nails and extremely stoic. we are amazed by his strength and resiliency...and his humor. however, this is a really tough break on every front. appreciate if you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Waiting for ferry.
He says the joint pain he experiences due to lyme is worse than the pain from his break.

i will be updating as i can.

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I told you Its lyme said...

Praying there will be no setback!

He has gone through enough. But that is so awesome that he was able to go biking in the first place!!!!