May 1, 2016

Canadian Federal Framework on Lyme

may is lyme disease awareness month! 

and this year, Canada is holding a conference to develop a federal framework on Lyme disease on May 15-17th, 2016!  
(OTTAWA, PRESS RELEASE) May 1, 2016 - “This year, Lyme Disease Awareness month presents a time to reflect on those Canadians affected by Lyme Disease as well as an opportunity for action. From May 15th-17th, 2016, in accordance with the Federal Framework on Lyme Disease Act – my private member’s bill that became law in December of 2014 – the Minister of Health will hold a conference to develop a new set of guidelines that will help prevent and reduce Lyme disease-related health risks to Canadians." 
~ Elizabeth May, MP (source)

This conference is being held in response to Bill C-442 that was first presented by Elizabeth May as a Private Members Bill calling for a "National Strategy for Lyme Disease in Canada" in May 2012 and passed by senate into law in December 2014. Bill C-442 called for the development of a national strategy to address the challenges of the timely recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease.  The bill also called for funding for provinces and territories to implement the strategy.(source: Elizabeth May, MP)

“I hope the framework will be an important step forward as we work together to ensure that fewer Canadian families suffer from the consequences of Lyme disease.” 
                                                        (~Elizabeth May, MP)

Everyone worked hard in getting Bill C-442 passed in order to have this conference! We need to continue that effort by showing the government that there is a lot of interest, so please go to the links below and register.  Registration is free and will enable you to watch the conference from the comfort of your home/office. It literally only takes a few minutes to sign up!



"Researchers note that the geographic range of Lyme disease- carrying ticks has expanded from a small pocket in the northeast of the United States to a wide southern area of Canada. In light of potentially serious health care issues, this bill focuses national attention on preventing and mitigating Lyme disease across Canada. It offers constructive suggestions about what more can be done to help prevent, identify and treat the disease."                                                                                                                         ~ Honorable Janis G. Johnson 

Anyone, anywhere is at risk for contracting Lyme Disease. Canadian scientists have predicted that 80% percent of Canada will be living in areas at risk for lyme disease by the year 2020. So please encourage family, friends and co-workers to register on-line and learn more about Lyme Disease. 
Thank You!

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