May 7, 2016


may is lyme disease awareness month 

and oh me! oh my! - the first week of it has flown by! 

i've been buried under a mountain of recycled clothing whilst the dog feverishly sewed himself a new wardrobe... all in anticipation of spreading lyme awareness and participating in the lyme disease challenge.

Sew Serious!

have you heard of the lyme disease challenge? it is a grass roots awareness event that launched last year. it is back this year and will be running for the entire month of may!  (for more info visit:  - there are also details about participating in the challenge at bottom of this post)

it was a smashing success last year! harrison participated in it and that is how he earned the nickname, 'lyme pooch'. he felt like his little posts helped to make a difference and he hopes that each of you reading this will do your part too.

so that's right! the lyme pooch is back. and he's got lyme awareness ideas galore and brand new attire to wear! (believe it or not, he makes his clothes by altering and tailoring thrifted menswear shirts and/or from raiding master's closet.)

i've been very busy photographing all his fur-brained ideas for this year's 
campaign. this past week, he's been re-posting pics from last year but soon the brand new ones will be ready to share! one evening as i was working like mad to edit one of his photo shoots, i caught him taking selfies in his brand new attire.

sheesh, there he was... just lounging around while i work myself to the bone!

you can follow harrison on his 
IG account - Harrison P. Goertzen @Worldaccordingtoharrison
FB page - World According to Harrison

...and please make sure to follow the lyme disease challenge on Facebook or Instagram too!

this year, harrison has already challenged a couple of ladies he has little crushes on and he is planning on challenging several interesting characters from the mountain bike community to take a bite out of lyme. he hopes they'll all rise to the occasion!

additionally, he will be re-doubling his efforts to get ellen degeneres to participate - he's still licking his wounds after his challenge to her last year went unanswered.  

but one can always hope! 

maybe this year she'll come through! sometimes persistence can pay off. after all, when harrison believes in something, he is like a dog with a bone... and this is the one time that taking a bite out of something is a very worthy thing to do

every bite counts! 

you do not have to be 'nominated' in order to participate. please join harrison and help spread lyme disease awareness one bite at a time! take the lyme disease challenge today! it's as easy as 1, 2, 3..

also, if you take the challenge as a result of harrison, please tag your post with the hashtag #lymepooch so that he can send you a a big lyme pooch smooch!

thank you in advance!

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