May 14, 2016


so i'm not the only one that has caught the mountain biking bug...harrison is taking trail dog to a whole new level. please heed his warning so that biking is the only bug you catch! 

this warning comes on the tail of learning a teenager recently contracted lyme on a family bike ride on a trail in our city, that's right NOT in the woods or the forest but on a suburban city trail that runs through the city of Richmond, BC. 

lyme is on the rise in canada and around the world... anyone, anywhere is at risk. please learn about lyme! Read the facts on Lyme Disease at and 

And please help spread the word by doing the Lyme Disease Challenge - take a bite out of lyme before a tick takes a bite out of you!

Biking is rad; Ticks are bad.
One bite from a tick could make you really sick.
Lyme Disease is a global epidemic;
Furry or not, all are at risk!

Guard against tick bites;
Wear deet at your feet &
put permethrin on your gear.
Get advice from your vet;
on how best to protect your pet.

Then ride without fear;
shred without dread.
Choose flowy or tech;
Or take on the north shore gnar if you dare.

Roam over loam; Rip with pride.
Whoop, holler, and get big air!
But most important of all,
Do a tick check after every ride!

On Instagram, Harrison, Lyme Pooch, challenged these mountain biking badasses: 
Steve Wong, Yoann Barelli, Brett Tippie, Daniel Corso and Different Bikes West Van to take a bite out of Lyme! Let's hope they do and that they help spread awareness one rider at a time.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE: It's as easy as 1,2,3...

1. TAKE A BITE: Take a video or photo of you biting a lime
2. SHARE A FACT: Spread awareness by sharing one fact about Lyme Disease
3. PASS IT ON: Post online & Challenge 3 other people to take a biteout of Lyme! Use hashtags #lymediseasechallenge #lymepooch 
To wussy to do the challenge? Then please consider making a tax deductible donation to

More info & facts on lyme:

You can follow Harrison on 
IG: Harrison P. Goertzen @Worldaccordingtoharrison
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