November 20, 2008


Well it looks like my ANTI-antibiotic rebellion has been derailed.

I have developed an infection at my PICC Line site.
An infection that requires I take antibiotics IMMEDIATELY.
I have NO choice in matter.

How irritatingly ironic!

An infection is nothing to mess with as the PICC line leads directly to my heart. It is serious and can result in detrimental complications (eg sepsis). And if that hasn't scared me enough, then
I think the sight of pus oozing out of my incision site is alarming enough to make me start popping pills pronto. Yes, both gross and scary. I am so thankful that my home care nurse Jill, DR A & DR H are all working together to treat this infection. It looks like it probably started sometime in the past 24 hours. So my nurse thinks that we have caught it early which is a very good thing.

Of course, the antibiotic required to treat this infection is a far cry from the IV and oral antibiotics I should be taking to fight my Lyme.
BUT it is an antibiotic nonetheless!

I suppose its a step in the right direction. However,
I am not at all happy about it. Although I must admit that I am (grudgingly) chuckling at God's sense of humor. He knows what is best for me and what I need. Obviously I need to be on antibiotics.

I guess He figured he'd get me back on some form of antibiotics one way or the other.

Will wonders ever cease to amaze me.

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