November 6, 2008


Who's Felix?
Felix is my gall bladder.
Yes, I named my gall bladder.

And no, I haven't completely lost my mind. (Altho' that is often up for debate)

And yes, I am aware that Felix is no longer residing in my body.

However, Felix needs prayer. Or rather I need prayer for my conflicted feelings about Felix.

And no, I am not having separation anxiety issues.

You see, my little buddy Felix has been sucked out of my navel and Fed Exed to California.

He is currently residing in a petri dish in the Igenex Labs where they are ascertaining his ability to bear forth Borrelia. (The name of the bacteria that causes LD)

When my surgeon Dr F consulted with Dr H about my need for surgery, the decision was made to have my gall bladder biopsied for Borrelia.

Part of me is very anxious to have Borrelia found in Felix.
Part of me doesn't want to deal with what that means.

I am conflicted.
Felix was an organ I could afford to lose...most of my other organs tend to be far more vital.
It would also be a great medical coupe to have a positive result found.

Even my surgeon Dr F is very curious about what the results will be and has requested a copy be sent to him, stating, "It's not really any of my business, but just out of personal curiousity I would like to see the results when they are in."

I am not sure how long it will take to get the results.

I am worried that Felix is not behaving himself.
Or worse what if the lab has misplaced him?

Waiting, worrying, praying for Felix.

Ironic, that he can still make my tummy hurt.

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