December 7, 2008




I made it to church! This was wonderful! It has been a really long time...the last time I can remember being in church was for the Christmas Eve service last year; although I'm pretty sure I have made it a couple of times since then.

It was great to be in church.
Really great.
I desperately miss being able to be in church.
I miss the worship.
I miss the message.
I miss the fellowship.
I miss the after-service coffee and cookies!

It was wonderful to see some of our friends and get a bit of a chance to catch up with them all. There have been a lot of changes over this past year. Most notably is just how much bigger all our friend's kids have gotten. They are all growing up! Funny how that happens! Of course, that being said, I must say that the parents haven't aged a bit! hee hee

After church, our friends Gillian and Israel and family took us out for pizza to our old haunt in Yaletown. We had a wonderful time - they are very dear to us and I really cherished being able to spend some quality time with them.

Days like today have been far and few between.

I have shed a few tears thinking about today.

Happy tears.
Grateful tears.
Hopeful tears.

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