December 22, 2008


I have been brought to tears many times over this amazing Christmas season.

I am amazed at how God provides for us.
How despite paying out close to 3 grand a month in out of pocket expenses for my medical fight, there our Christmas presents under our tree, food in our pantry, a roof over our heads, and joy in our hearts...all due to the generosity of others. We have an immense sense of gratitude for those of you who have been a part of God's miraculous provision in our lives.

We are overwhelmed and humbled by it. When I consider that so many of you are faced with your own trials and tribulations, yet have chosen to reach out despite your own pain, to bless our family, it makes me cry. We recognize and acknowledge that each of you carries pain that is unique to you and your journey. Many of you have shared your own stories and struggles with us and they have touched our hearts.

You are in our hearts and minds and prayers this Christmas season.

I think of my cousin serving in the Sudan and for his wife and family back home. I wonder how they all do it.
What kind of courage it must take to serve and the courage it must take to be left behind. We have a new found respect for them and for our troops as our eldest son is preparing to enter the military in a year and a half. He has the goal of becoming an air force pilot which will require a 9 year commitment of military service. We are fearful for him yet incredibly proud of him and this which he feels is his calling in life.

Over the past several weeks, I have spoken with several of my fellow lymies - all of their stories break my heart.
I think of the friends who will ache to hold the children they have lost. Or others who will face their first Christmas without a loved one by their side.I think of Sumit, our World Vision son in India. I wonder what Christmas will hold for Sumit and his family.

I think of the countless others of you who will face this season with a bittersweet mixture of joy and pain.
I find myself chagrined to admit the times that I am overwhelmed by despair, hopelessness, or feel forgotten or alone. Or that my journey is too much to bear. The reality is that I am blessed. Our family has been the recipients of untold blessings raining down on us through the snowy skies of the heavens. We are humbled and grateful that both friends and strangers alike have chosen to bless us. And as inadequate as it feels to say, I say

Thank You.

Thank you for your generous gifts of love, prayer and both financial and emotional support

Thank you for choosing to be part of God's miraculous provision in our lives this year and this Christmas Season.

For far after the gifts have been opened and the food consumed,
our family will carry the blessings of this season with us for a lifetime. We will remember and carry with us the knowledge that even in the midst of darkness....blessings can abound in the most exquisite and miraculous of ways.

Yes, Christmas makes me cry.
I cry tears of thankfulness.
I cry tears of hope.
I cry tears of joy.

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Christmas makes me cry

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