November 9, 2010


we are still in the thick of it with parker
there has only been a miniscule lessening in his psychiatric and physical condition.
we have been on the phone constantly with DR H, DR D's nurse and my previous LLMD, DR M. parker is experiencing a major die off (herx) of both the borrelia (lyme bacteria) and babesia. his body is not able to keep up and effectively detox the heavy load of toxins circulating through his system, as a result he is very neurotoxic. a treatment plan is in place to control his symptoms and detox plan is in place to try and clear the toxins from his system. DR H felt he should be feeling a lot better within a week.

we hope that we will see response much, much sooner as we are absolutely beyond exhausted.
we are getting little sleep or rest. graham or myself needs to be with him constantly. taylor has also stepped in and filled in as a caretaker too. he has been an awesome support and amazing help to us. even still, there is little respite and we are all beyond exhausted. drained. physically and mentally. i am running on adrenaline and while my seizures are being controlled with meds now, the barfing that they triggered, is continuing. i have kept little down since last tuesday.

we know people are praying. thank you to those of you that let us know you are. that knowledge brings us much comfort. thank you also to the folks who have helped out in practical ways too. we are so very grateful to have your help in easing our burdens.

pls continue to pray. what we are going thru is really beyond description. we really don't feel like we can bear the unbearable much longer
we really want our sparky boy back.