August 22, 2011


sitting in airport terminal...running IVs...sipping coffee...

we're sitting in Bellingham airport as a type this - heading back down to SF to see DR H again. crazy how fast 3 months goes - and how terribly much happens between each visit to him. taylor is not coming with us this time...we're gonna miss him terribly but he opted to stay home - he is working full time. he's been working at a warehouse for about 3 months now - which makes it difficult for him to get the time off plus he is doing really, really well (isn't that awesome! thank you GOD!) so an "in-office" visit wasn't an absolute necessity right now. 

on the other hand, parker and i are not so hot. the complexity of parker's case is well, perplexing...i suspect DR H is gonna have his hands full trying to pinpoint what's been going on with him and trying to figure out what to do about my barfing. my barfing has gotten progressively worse over the past several weeks. i'm now throwing up morning, noon and night. sigh. and my nerve pain/neuropathy which had been well controlled for about a year now has gotten wildly out if control recently - had to double my dose of gabapentin again and am now running procaine IVs twice daily to try and knock the edge off of it.

well, pre-boarding is about to begin. 
gotta roll...

will be trying to update my daily drama page each day. hope to get in an actual blog post or two as well. stay out SF, the goertzens are on their way.

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