August 21, 2011


with a little shot of morphine and a big dose of prayer, parker made it to the NBA jam session yesterday. he wasn't well by any stretch of the imagination, but he was able to go...sans wheelchair...and even shot a few hoops. we celebrate that!

it's an extraordinary feat, if you ask me. a week ago, he was in hospital. 3 days ago, his joint pain was so intense, he was (back to) crawling around the house to get around. 2 days ago, he endured 4 procaine injections into his knees and the nite before this event, he had to be carried to bed - migraine and barf bowl in tow. and yesterday? well, lookee here! he shot hoops and even ran through the skills course!

and that is the roller coaster we live with. that is the reality of life with to day, hour to hour, comprised of a greatly varying array of symptoms and huge extremes of ability and inability. no rhyme. no reason. it just is whatever it happens to be for that moment in time. this is the reality of life with lyme.

imagine, if you can, one moment being able to shoot hoops, play tag or read a book and then, 5 minutes or an hour or a day later, being in pain so agonizing it knocks the wind out of you, experiencing delirium so intense the imaginary becomes real, or fatigue so profound and joint pain so excruciating it strips you of your mobility and independence...and not knowing when it'll end...if you'll be back in that wheelchair or bed bound again for just a moment, or a day or week upon endless week. unimaginable, isn't it? it is. i know. and yet we live it. and it is one of the most challenging parts of this disease to cope with emotionally and to make any sense of...and it is also the most difficult aspect of it for people to understand.

there is a oft quoted saying, "you don't get lyme, until you get it"...this is so so many ways, it is unfathomable and it is unimaginable...and it is one of the reasons i felt compelled to start the daily drama page as part of my blog. more of the reasons for adding it can be found on the actual page...i started it this week, albeit, after getting off to a great start with it, i'm now having some technical difficulties and just noticed that some of my last several updates on it are now missing (hear me screaming at my computer....argh!) at any rate, if you haven't already found the tab/link to it. it's just above this post, click on the title daily drama...or click here to go to it.

now back to the last few snapshots of our NBA jam session experience...

we met some stars along the way...

harlem globetrotter "buckets" blakes

avery giving robert horry a high five!

it was a smokin' hot day indeed! as a matter of fact, we fried in the heat! today, we're all a bit burnt...and parker is toast... but yesterday, he was jammin'...and oh, how sweet that was!

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Shadow said...

Lyme is most devestating when it affects children. I can tell from your blog that you're seeing an LLMD in California. So am I, but I live here so it's very easy. Do your kids see the same doctor? What is their prognosis? I do hope that you all will be fully cured.