August 1, 2011


one of the most amazing things about whidbey island is the sunsets. they are pretty incredible. and so was our holiday. it's hard to capture it all in writing. we made a lot of wonderful memories that i'm sure we'll be reflecting on for years to come
this was our first vacation with harrison in tow. and tow him we did - right into the deep blue sea! he was less than thrilled. poor little guy - i thought his eyes would bug out of his head but hey, you either sink or swim, right? ha ha he's gotta learn sometime. fortunately, he wasn't completely traumatized from us dragging him through the water and had a rip roaring good time racing up and down the beach. not sure if it was the lure of the sand or all the seagull poop on it (why do dogs love to roll around on poop?)...or maybe it was just the freedom of being off leash that he enjoyed most. after all, that was a freedom he's not experienced before. he had no clue that there are still rules to abide by and boundaries to adhere the one day, he ran off down the beach and straight into one of the other cabins. i nearly had a heart attack. i was so mortified i "made" graham go retrieve him - fortunately the folks whose cabin he bolted through were more than understanding. it was certainly an unconventional way of meeting your neighbors. before the week was up, harrison had introduced us to many more neighbors. ahem. fortunately, all were pet owners themselves and we ended up meeting some really lovely folks.

all tuckered out from his beach (mis)adventures

yeah, it was a really great holiday. i have plenty more memories but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. while we were there graham started compiling our memories into a little slide show. with out further ado, i give you sunsets on whidbey...hope you enjoy!

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