January 15, 2008


I had my PICC line surgery today!

They have a nurse in the hospital here who does PICC line insertions exclusively. When I was taken into the procedure room we, they had dimmed the lights and had classical music playing...it was almost spa like...almost. Too bad they didn't throw in a facial with the package.

The procedure itself was fine, I was super anxious but the nurses were great and did a lot to try and alleviate my fears (again, a facial would have gone a long way in calming my nerves).

I found out 2 interesting yet probably relatively useless facts about my body today. First, I have very tough skin...this was discovered when they bent 2 needles when trying to administer the local anesthetic. According, to the nurses, having tough skin is a good thing - means less wrinkles.

Secondly, I have very unique vein anatomy. Not entirely sure what that means.

And apparently they had trouble getting the line through my shoulder area because I'm too bony and skinny in my chest area. Not sure why they felt the need to point out the obvious.

But all being said and done, it went well. I was at the hospital for about 5 hours total and had my first dose of 'Lyme Chemo' administered while there.

I had amazing nurses and Graham, of course,
did his best to entertain the hospital staff.

I am sore at the incision site and very tired but other than that I am okay.

So, my PICC line is in. And I am ready to start this new chapter in my journey.

Bring it on Baby!

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