January 25, 2008


IV is now "perking" every morning in the Goertzen household.

I've contacted Starbucks to see if they can 'hook me up' too given that our new morning routine requires that we are bright eyed and bushy tailed.

My husband, My superman...

My rock who keeps me laughing in spite of it all.

"A random misplaced shot?" you wonder. No. This is what life is like with Graham. I find random things hidden around my house every day.

Like crows keeping a watchful eye on my flushing syringes.

And I have awoken to find Monkeys' hanging from my IV pole.

"He's not a doctor, but he plays one on TV."

On top of keeping me laughing, Graham deserves an honorary MD after his name....as he agreed to be taught how to administer my IV.

He exuded such an air of professionalism until nerves made for some jittery reflexes and he ended up anointing the ceiling with saline from a syringe.

Hands down, he's my most favorite doctor.

This is Eugenia, she is one of my home care nurses. A nurse come by every 3 days to make sure that we are behaving ourselves.

My other home care nurse, Princess Avery. She's the nurse that calls the shots.

However, she has some height challenges to work around...

...so once in awhile, I assist.

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