January 7, 2008


I just found out, well, had it confirmed, that my precious Dr. M is retiring in Mid-February. He is the doctor who has been treating me for my LD for the past 9 months.

He had told me at my last appointment with him (in December) that he was pretty much ready to throw in the towel so to speak, but I never anticipated it would be this soon...

This makes today's appointment with this infectious disease specialist feel that much more pertinent and desperate.

Please pray that I get the treatment I need and that this treatment will FINALLY have the curative result I so desperately need - because additional oral treatment even AFTER IV seems to be the norm in cases such as mine, and I have always figured that even if I get the IV that I would still need to follow it up with another course of oral treatment and that that would happen under the care of Dr. M.

Please pray for Dr. M - I know that this must have been an incredibly difficult decision for him to make. He is so caring, compassionate and dedicated and knows that so many people need him - but he is 76 and his health is declining due to the ongoing harassment he is constantly inundated with by the BC College of Physicians & Surgeons - all because of his staunch concern and devote treatment of patients with Lyme disease.

Lastly, please pray for those that are affected by this horrible disease and are now facing an uncertain future with very few medical options to turn to. Those in the Lyme community are feeling very lost, very scared and very desperate as there seems to be no other doctor in Canada willing to stick their necks out to treat late stage LD as Dr. M has.

I'm trusting but I'm reeling and my heart is heavy.

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