January 4, 2008


PRAISE THE LORD! Positively positive, I am.

Yes, my American Lyme test has returned a POSITIVE result.

I love America! God Bless America!

When my doctor called to give me the results today, I was shaking and crying and when he told me my results were positive, I was so relieved I felt like barfing. I even told him that.

"Dr. M," I screamed."I am so relieved I could barf!"

He giggled. Yes,I made my dear old doctor giggle.

In addition to testing positive for Lyme disease, I have also tested positive for the co-infection "Babesiosis" (which Dr. M had clinically diagnosed me with 8 months ago - as far as I'm concerned my doctor is a genius).

These positive test results are now in addition to the Canadian POSITIVE result I had in August for another co-infection called "Ehrlichiosis".

Apparently I was bit by one very disease-ridden tick. Nice. To add insult to injury, that ruddy tick is probably still out there, lurking on the butt of some unsuspecting deer.

My lyme doctor (Dr. M) who has been treating me for the past 9 months, feels that IV treatment is needed in my case however only an infectious disease specialist can authorize and administer IV treatment.

I have an appointment with an infectious disease specialist this coming Monday, January 7. Your prayers are appreciated and are very needed for this appointment as my positive results are not necessarily a ‘slam dunk’ for getting IV.

It is our hope and our prayer that based on my symptomology and quality of life (or lack thereof) and now armed with these positive test results that this will be enough for the infectious disease doctor to move forward with administering IV Treatment.

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