January 15, 2009


We're leaving for San Fran tomorrow morning. It's time, once again, for an in-office visit with DR H.

I have spent most of the day dealing with the arduous task of packing for it.
It is a rather challenging feat to complete.
The fine art of packing comes into play when one is traveling with a plethora of IV meds in tow. And is determined to fit all of it into carry-on luggage.

We are only going for 4 days however, in addition to all my medical supplies, I have to somehow squeeze a lot of layers and cozy clothes into my small, carry-on suitcase. A tiny suitcase. I repeat, a LOT of meds and a LOT of warm clothes all into one TINY suitcase.

Alright, I confess.
My packing prowess fell a little short.

It took 2 suitcases...but they are 2 Tiny suitcases.

Would you believe me if I said that the second suitcase was necessary only because of my husband's plethora of hair care products?

"Hey, I work with what I got!"

I have nearly frozen my butt off every time we've been down to California to see DR H. I shake and I quake the whole time I'm there. (Oh no! Did I just say Quake and California in the same sentence?!) Yes, I know my internal temperature issues and shaking, which is a Lyme seizure phenom, probably have more to do with the disease than the weather however I am probably the only person in the world who can travel to the sunny state of California and be cold. Freezing cold. I've checked the weather and apparently it is supposed to be balmy 18-20 C...of course that is cold for the locals so I'm hoping I won't look too out of place wearing my cozy, fur trimmed winter coat. A 'cool' Christmas gift from my friend Erin!

Regardless of what the weather man says, I'm going to be prepared.

While I am freezing my butt off in sunny California, my folks will be holding down the fort at home. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
As well as our kids.

Avery is having a hard time 'letting' us go. She has been sad and very emotional this week. Which we found somewhat puzzling because she LOVES spending time with Nanny and Poppy. Tonight, we finally realized that she equates our trips to CA with mom getting deathly ill. Every time I have come back from California, I have gotten really, really sick. The last 2 times, DR H started me on new treatment protocols which left me bedridden each time for 6-8 weeks.

Parker has been quiet this week. Quiet = Worried with Parker.

Taylor will be leaving tomorrow morning for a weekend long basketball tournament in Courtney on Vancouver Island. So far this season the Burnett Breakers are at 20 wins - 3 losses. Go, Breakers, Go!

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