January 13, 2009


We are breathing a collective sigh of relief today...a dust-free sigh of relief. My friend Maureen, who generously comes every other Tuesday to clean our home for us, was back today after a much deserved hiatus.

Maureen touched base with us back in fall and offered to help us by cleaning our home. It was an offer we humbly accepted. Once upon a time, when I was capable of taking care of my home and my family, I used to daydream about being able to hire someone to clean my home. In theory, it sounded so great, every busy mom's fantasy. However, then I'd realize that was a fantasy that I'd probably never be relaxed enough to enjoy. I knew I'd be too embarrassed to have anyone see my mess. In fact, when I thought hard enough about it, I realized it'd probably be more work to have someone clean for me because I would have to clean BEFORE they came to clean!

Lyme has allowed me to let go of my pride and Maureen's joyful spirit and contagious laugh has helped me to embrace the fruition of the cleaning fantasy. Her help has been such a blessing and has helped to alleviate a huge burden, most of which was carried by Graham and Taylor. We are all so appreciative of t
his very practical, much needed help. Even more than that, I have quickly come to appreciate and look forward to our Tuesday morning chats. Maureen is a special woman with a personality that outshines the sparkling condition she leaves our home in.

Amazingly enough, she insists that the house had better be dirty when she comes (no problem there!) so that she can see the difference when she is done. Trust me, she makes a difference...not only in our home but also in our hearts. I just hope she knows that. And given the bleary-eyed, exhausted state she is in after anihilating our dust bunnies, tackling our toilets and hoovering our debris, I hope she is concious enough to see it.

I am so grateful for Tuesdays with Mo.

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Anonymous said...

My Tenacity is a powerful engine for good

I am blessed by my own tenacity. I contain an inner reservoir of gritty strength, which serves me and others well. My capacity to stick to a commitment is a safe and trustworthy component of my character. My tenacity is the building block for my successful career, relationship, family life, and friendships.

Obstacles test me but they do not deter me. I am able, always, to tap an inner resilient strength which serves me. Even when life is a desert, I find my careful way. Like a camel, I carry within myself stamina and the wisdom to use my energy wisely for the long trek. I am a creature of miraculous endurance. My will and my grounded passion form the basis for my tenacious movement through life. I bless my tenacity for its important, unsung heroism.

-Julia Cameron

Hello my friend....someone shared this with me last week and it was exactly what I needed to hear...I hope it gives you the same lift that I felt. Tenacity....it's a great word...I had lost if for a while but I think it is coming back.