January 7, 2009


You know it's time to take down the Christmas decorations when...

the ornaments are collecting dust,

the designer tree, which is fake, is burnt out and dying a slow tortuous death

and the kid tree is leaning so precariously that it defies gravity and logic.

It's funny how quickly that which has brought such joy from its beauty and been so revered can almost overnight come to look comical and even somewhat revolting. Oh yes, hate to admit it, but somehow my beautiful bedazzled feathered coop was beginning to feel more like a pigsty.


Where to even start?
The thought has been completely overwhelming.

Aside from having a really 'great day' on December 23 and a 'not so bad' day on Boxing Day, the majority of the past 2 weeks has seen me keeping my couch company almost exclusively with fatigue and neuropathic pain as my constant companions.

What do you do when your coop is over run and the more you move, the worse you get?

Call in recruitments!

Actually, I didn't have to call them in...amazingly they willingly came on their own! My mom called earlier this week to let me know that her and my dad would help with the monumental task of de-feathering my coop and rescuing my trees from their impending doom.

Yesterday was the day we re-claimed the house from the birds! It actually turned into a bit of a family affair. Avery insisted on helping. The boys not so much insisting...more like huffing and puffing 8 rubbermaid tubs full of decor down to the bowels of the basement. Fortunately for me, I had to leave for my scheduled detox appointments before the monumental take down was complete. I felt somewhat guilty as I drove off leaving the poor fam covered in downy, glittery debris. However 5 minutes into my lymph massage, I was quickly reminded of why I cringe at the word 'massage'. This rapidly relieved any guilt I had about ditching the Christmas mess. I merely swapped it for a different form of torture.

By the time I got home from my massage and foot detox, the coop was de-feathered, the halls de-bedecked and the trees de-bobbled and laid to rest.

Ahh, yes, my
gloriously pristine and clutter free home.
Not only that but amazingly enough, my mom had somehow managed to put fresh sheets on the beds, empty our overflowing laundry basket, AND make a fabulous dinner to boot. All that was required of me was to limp in and crash on the couch and gratefully survey my surroundings.

My home looked wonderfully naked.
So lovely. And bare.

Actually a little too bare...
EEK, I quickly noticed that along with all my fine feathered friends, my Crows had disappeared!

My crows are not seasonal decor. No way! They are full time lifers.

Fortunately, I was able to quickly set that abomination right by rescuing them their rubbermaid tomb and putting them back in their rightful nesting place.

Both my dad and Graham claim that the crows were merely mistakenly packed away...however given their history with crows, I am slightly suspicious of that claim.

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