January 21, 2009


We are home.
We arrived late last night.

I am exhausted and depressed.

My appointment with DR H was not exactly what we were expecting. His findings were not as positive as we hoped they would be. The results surprised all of us. My neurological and nervous system assessments were not great. Probably about the worst they have ever been. Based on those results and some symptomology that reared it's ugly head towards the end of my drug holiday (namely migraines, night sweats, neuropathies and blurred/blind spots in vision) DR H believes my Babesia infection has once again gained the upper hand.

DR H is working out a treatment strategy. He's trying to balance hitting these diseases hard enough to effectively treat them while trying to keep me somewhat 'comfortable' and 'functional'. I have a complex case and it's gonna take awhile to figure it all out. It is very discouraging but DR H also saw improvements. And I can see those too. That is good. Progress is being made...we are on the road to recovery however no light at the end of the tunnel can be seen just yet.

Anyhow, just a small update for now.
I'll get around to more details another day.
I'll be okay.
Crazy travels. Tough Appointment. Rough stuff happening on the home front.
It was just a really hard trip all the way around.
But the sun shone.
It was really warm. Even I was warm. Shocking!
And I have some funny stories to share.
There is a time for laughing. There is a time for crying.
Right now I am crying.
That's okay.
The laughter will come.
I need to Decompress.
Refocus. Rest. Trust.
That will help to refresh my lagging spirit.

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tanyaewa said...

The time will come when this pain seems so implausiable, so unbelievable, so far in the past.
And it will no longer be time to cry - but instead time to rejoice and help others see that life is precious, fragile and worth fighting for.

xoxo - Tanya, Rod, Zayden & Quinn