January 8, 2009


We have a new couch.
A wonderful Christmas gift from my folks!

Seeing as a good 75% of my life is spent in the prone position on a couch, I consider it MY couch.


My family is thrilled with this gift too. Because it means that they are no longer relegated to spending family movie night on the floor. Our new couch is a sectional and even with me lying on it, there is plenty of room for all of us.

Getting my convalescing couch into our home proved to be quite an ordeal for Graham and Taylor. They had to hoof this bad boy over some extremely snowy and mountainous terrain. I helped by supervising from our old couch.

Old is probably the understatement of the century. Our old couch was actually ancient. I had rescued it from my great aunt's apartment about 8 years ago - the interior designer in me could see past the scandalous 70's plaid to the bones of the thing. It had good bones - nothing a slip cover couldn't rectify. But alas the thing was purchased from WOODWARDS in the 1970s and it desperately needed to be retired.

Come to think of it. I had a lot in common with that old couch. Both of us were birthed in the 70s. Both of us appear to look pretty good yet we are incredibly uncomfortable. Both of us are flat and our internal mechanics are in disrepair. We creak. We screech. And if you pat me hard enough, I'd probably have dusty particles erupt from my arms too!

I love my new convalescing couch.
It's the first new piece of furniture we've ever owned!
It's pretty. It's white. It's incredibly comfy.
And it's cushions are feather-filled! hee hee.

Just so happens it's entry into our lives has been well timed, too.
I have had a lot of company on my couch this week as my husband has injured his back.
Fortunately, his injury was not incurred while moving the couch, rather it is the result of rough housing with the kids. Unfortunately, he has injured himself quite badly. He is in a lot of pain. A lot. He has difficulty walking and standing. About the only position he is comfortable in is when he is sitting. On my couch.

So I have been sharing my convalescing couch with him. I am so generous.

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