September 1, 2009


last night was really rough.
fevers, chills, night sweats, joint pain and hallucinations.

i slept very little...
kidneys were working overtime
which meant hobbling to the bathroom every 45 minutes all night long

and the times in between?
they were spent hallucinating and enduring night terrors...any time i did manage to fall asleep i was pretty quickly jolted awake by my own screams

i have a rather large repertoire of varied hallucinations...
occasionally they are rather exciting - like the time Todd Bertuzzi showed up in my curtains
but generally speaking,
they are pretty scary and terrifying - i "see" all sorts of things
last night i had a tarantula fly off my bed onto the wall
sometimes they are weird (big surprise) - like last night the blankets in our room were illuminated in a strange green glow
made me think of superman and kryptonite.
too bad superman never showed up

somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, it dawned on me that these are hallmarks of a babesia herx for me
quick check of the time line confirmed it
it's been about 72 hours since i started my meds to fight babesia
i have always herxed at the 72 hour mark
just a little "baby herx" which is manageable and bearable because it is over relatively quickly (lasts about 24 hours) and is much milder than the "granddaddy of herxes" (can last 3 days or up to 8 weeks) that generally hits around the 14 to 21 day mark...

so baby herx behind me, the next few days i should see some general improvements in well being

yesterday avery announced that she had decided that we should have a 'girls only' breakfast on the balcony for this, our first morning in whislter

how many folks can say they've enjoyed a green goo girls only breakfast on a balcony in whistler (or anywhere in the world for that matter!)

she was very adamant about that

boys exiled to indoor dining.

after the night i had, it was a struggle to haul myself out of bed...
but it was so well worth it

after all, my girl can put a smile on face no matter how rough i feel

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