September 22, 2009


today is (was) taylor's 17th birthday.
my son is 17.
hard to believe.

this year's celebration (his birthday gift) has been in the works for sometime...

careful planning
hours of preparation
nervous anticipation
weeks of counting down

and finally, finally, finally
today was here...

we arrived at our appointed time,
announced our arrival to the woman behind the counter
only to be met with a blank stare
and then came the all too familiar, ominously ironic response,

"ah, are you sure you've got the right date?"

"oh yes! today is his birthday! there is no way i'd have messed up this date!" i confidently exclaimed.

"i don't think so. our books say your appointment is for the 24th. do you have your appointment card?"

i pulled out said appointment card with shaking fingers

i stared and stared and stared
in bug eyed bewilderment

sure enough card reads "sept 24"

heart sinks
gut lurches
brow drips
mouth gaping
no sound
head in hands
complete fail

but should we really be surprised?

"wow! mom! seriously!"

OH IF THIS WASN'T SO TERRIBLY would have been hilarious.
really! in my defense, we all know i am completely retarded with numbers. so why in the world do we continue to let me book appointments?

i should be completely banned from calenders!

that part of my brain, no matter how hard i try, just does NOT WORK!

unfortunately, the venue was fully booked so there was nothing we could do but count it a loss (oops, can't do that either!) and come back on the 24th!

so desperately anti-climactic!
i was already nervous about this birthday adventure....
and this delay has left me rattled and significantly more nervous about the whole thing!
add to that, graham jokingly bellowing, "it's a sign! it's a sign!" - as in "we shouldn't go through with it!" - has done nothing to alleviate my anxiety over the whole mishap...

yikes! there is no room for error on this one! none. zip. nada.

and poor Taylor!

albeit, he was (is) an amazingly good sport about the whole thing. it really was a huge let down...there has been so much build up leading up to today and this event was (is) our birthday gift to him. not to mention that last year's birthday, his BIG 16, was very disappointing for him. quite frankly, it was one disaster after another. it all worked out in the end ( after a month long delay) and ended up being worth the wait however his actual birth day dealt him several difficult letdowns.

so this year, i wanted everything to go off without a hitch and to be perfect...oh dear, quite frankly when it comes down to it, when it does happen it has to go off without a hitch AND be perfect! this delay had better be the only glitch!

yeah, we're both feeling a little deflated over it but we're just "trusting" there was a reason for it to be this way...aside from my retarded brain!

and i keep reminding myself (and him) that it is the imperfect moments that make for unforgettable memories!

TRUST ME, mom...i will never let you forget this one!

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Shanan said...

Awww you're such a good mom!.....but we have to wait for another blog to find out what the "appointment" was for? bikini wax? pedicure? (sorry can't come up with anything more witty than that)
Anyways you're so wonderful and thoughtful....who cares about the was the thought that counted....right?
love ya heaps!
Oh and Happy Birthday to the ladykiller!