September 2, 2009


a huge reason for our desire to get away for this holiday was because we know that this could very well be our last summer with taylor home

this summer Taylor completed all qualifications for joining the military reserves and we just received word today (Sept 2) that his file has been accepted by the head recruitment office in Ottawa
sometime in the next couple of weeks, his status will be made 'official' in an enrollment ceremony

he will train with the reserves this year. then immediately following his graduation from high school in june, he plans to leave for boot camp in Ottawa and begin his career with the Armed Forces of Canada.

swallow hard
hold back flood gate of tears threatening to erupt from my eyes

enough with that
i'm on holiday and don't want to dwell on this just yet
i really can't
it is too painful
letting go bites
and besides he's with us now
so before i cue the sad violin music
i shall pull myself out of this sad reverie,
i shall BE in THIS moment,
i shall bond with my boy....or at least attempt to!

can you believe the boy has had his nose in a book for most of the past 3 days?

reading in the hotel room

reading in the village

reading in the hot tub

this morning i finally snorted and demanded,

"taylor get your nose outta your book and bond with your momma."

"wow, mom! i'm not rotting my brain playing video games or watching tv. i thought you wanted an electronic free holiday? sheesh, here i am expanding my brain by reading and you are telling me to stop?" came his piously cheeky response

forget my soulful repartee on letting go..i want to strangle the kid!


Renee said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun going on :) Yahoo!
Having seen 7 children grow and leave home, I so understand what you are going through...time goes by so swiftly...handsome young man!

miss kitten said...

i have a 16 year old son. he's a sophmore in high school (10th grade USA) and in the ROTC program there.

he wants to go into the military, army reserve. i am having the same reactions you are. *hugs you*

we bring them up from babies, we teach them to be good people (or do our best to!), we love them and keep them from harm...then they do this to our tender hearts?

yeah. i hate the idea too, but at the same time we eventually have to trust them to make a good decision. (and that is one HANDSOME family you have!)