November 24, 2009


Parker will be having his BONE SCAN done tomorrow (Wednesday) at Children's Hospital. We have to be at the hospital at 8:45am in order for him to get his injection of radioactive dye. The actual scan will be 3 hours later at 12:00pm.

Please pray for him as he is feeling scared and nervous...primarily about the injection. he's sorta had it with needles. i had a bone scan done on my road to diagnosis, way back in Dec 2006. it helps that i know what happens and have been able to explain it all to him in detail. but nonetheless, it is still scary. he finds the whole 'radioactive' idea somewhat intriguing yet alarming at the same time.

the rheumatologist's office has given us an appointment on Dec 22 to go over the results of the scan. that seems an eternity away to wait for results. as well, we were hoping that we would be able to have the results BEFORE we leave for SF to see DR H. the rheumatology receptionist told us that the results will not be in before Dec 7 (which is the day that we fly out to SF to see DR H) but she said she would talk to the doctor and let her know the situation. we are praying that God will expedite the process...

i could say a whole lot more but currently i am just too emotionally, mentally and physically worn out.
simply put, this is an incredibly difficult time. last week the stress and grief of everything caught up with me. caught up with all of us. i went for my walks and wailed. it was very therapeutic for me however i'm almost certain my wailing traumatized any wildlife within a 3 mile radius of the park. i'm coping a bit better this week and we're working at putting the necessary supports in place for the kids. we know that God is in control. this would be unbearable if we didn't believe that.

we're gonna be alright... and i'm sure the ecosystem in the park will eventually recover too. in the meantime, i'm contemplating handing out ear plugs to the few remaining animals who have not fled for more peaceful pastures - and i'm hanging on to God for dear life.

"the Lord may not definitely have planned that this should overtake me, but He has most certainly permitted it. Therefore though it were an attack of an enemy, by the time it reaches me, it has the Lord's permission and therefore all is well. He will make it work together with all life's experiences for good."
~ C.H. Welch


Kristie said...

you inspire me

Renee said...

I love this quote, Shannon. I needed to hear it today myself...isn't it wonderful that God blesses so many of his children at the same time.
Please know that Parker is in my prayers and you too. What a difficult time for each of you. When we started to suspect Joel of having Lyme too it was so overwhelming, and yet if it was one of our children I cannot comprehend how I would respond. God is with you as you know and will not leave Parkers side nor you and your family. That is such a comfort isn't it. He KNOWS tomorrow already and promises to be with us through all our tomorrows.
God be with you.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches. But my heart also heals with thoughts of a brave boy who has a great family, understanding parents and lot's of Love. I already look forward to when he's feeling much better and is on the road to recovery.


Anonymous said...

It is one thing for us to endure but when it is one of our flesh & blood that is entirely different. Praying for all of you. Sending a little SONshine.

Anonymous said...

Prayed for you and Parker.
Hope things went smoothly and peacefully for him today.
I shake my head at this journey you continue to travel... and am amazed by your strength, your candor, your humour, and your testimony to God's faithfulness. wow.
love ya and will continue to PRAY!
CB :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Shannon

ON this journey YOU are inspiring so many people? May God send much encouragement and inspiration and comfort your way. You are a beautiful women of God. God bless you and shower you with everything you need. Love Betty