November 12, 2009


parker's test results are in.

they show reactivity/positive response to the borrelia spirochete (lyme bacteria)

so does parker have lyme or not?
we simply don't know...yet

it is complicated and difficult to explain,
basically, (very simply put),
he has antibodies in his blood that show that his body has been exposed to the bacteria and he tested positive to 'parts' of the bacteria but not all of it.

in order to make an accurate diagnosis, DR H needs to clinically evaluate him

here is a breakdown of parker's results for my lyme savvy readers:

Lyme IgG
30kDa +
41kDa ++
58kDa +

Lyme IgM
41kDa Ind
58kDa +

parker's appointment with DR H is scheduled for DEC 9
we will be leaving for California on Dec 7

this whole process is so incredibly difficult and beyond stressful
and i have wondered and wondered why it is being so dragged out and taking so long to get a diagnosis
we simply do not know
but we know that we can trust God's timing and direction
it is allowing us to process this in stages...
i know that i would not have been prepared for today's phone call on Monday.
early yesterday morning, God gave me the very same scripture that he gave me on the day that i was diagnosed with lyme (april 24, 2007)...

"We wouldn't think of writing this kind of letter about ourselves.
Only God can write such a letter.
His letter authorizes us to help
carry out this new plan of action

God has given us a plan of action
we are at peace with it


April Alonte said...

Thanks for writing about your struggles and joys. God does have a plan of action and he always knows best! :)

Kara said...

So glad some answers are coming! These bands are interesting ... I'm so curious to see what Dr H thinks about this and how he proceeds. Band 58 is an interesting one--a heat shock protein. Hope everything goes smoothly and Parker recovery is quick. May the Lord continue to sustain you and give you peace. Your family is in our prayers. ~Kara

s. said...

Hi April and Kara

thx so much for dropping in! i appreciate your kind words and encouragement!

Kara - yes, i'm curious too about the band - plus band 30 - some docs say it is the same as band 31 (the vaccine based band)...that would make band 30 seem pretty significant.