November 27, 2009


Parker got a set of wheels today.

we certainly never would have expected parker to get a set of wheels before taylor did. funny the curve ball life throws at us sometimes...

we were able to get the wheelchair through the red cross at no cost. phew! are we ever grateful for that. his chair is a pretty sweet ride and he's already pretty adept at maneuvering himself around. it is giving him some level independence back - not too mention it will give his poor knees a break. for the most part, he has primarily relied on crawling to get around over the past 8 weeks...and he has the battle scars to prove it.

we're hoping his wheels will help get him to school on a more regular basis. he is not able to do a full day of school because his level of fatigue and high pain levels. he has missed most of the past 3 months. for the most part, i am home schooling him. ha ha. me teaching grade 5 with a brain that lyme has hit the "off" switch on? i'm just grateful the math text book includes the answers. it is certainly a struggle and challenge. some days i am very overwhelmed with it but we're slogging through it the best we can. it helps that parker's teacher is so calm and understanding. back in october, i blogged about my own grade 5 year and how i spent more time in the principal's office than in the classroom. i'm assuming i must have missed some crucial piece of my education...maybe that is why God has me 'repeating' grade 5 this year.

parker's classmates each made him a get well card...

the goal right now, is to get parker to school for the afternoons as much as possible. he feels a little bit self conscious about being in the chair however that mostly stems from an inability to tell his friends what is wrong or why he is sick. we're working at giving him words to explain this - and praying that we will have some answers after we see DR H. it is difficult for him but it helps that his classmates are genuinely excited to see him and he is enthusiastically greeted whenever he gets to school. his teacher's have played a huge role in making sure that his classmates take his mystery illness in stride. they have been incredibly insightful and shown a remarkable sensitivity to his needs. we could not have picked better teachers for both avery or parker this year. they are in the classes that God intended them to have - with teachers who have been an amazing source of support and encouragement to our entire family.

pink is his favorite color - so sweet that his friends remembered that.

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Renee said...

The courage and strength your family has amazes me and gives me incentive to keep going. All is well....Jesus is here with us!
Keeping you all wrapped in prayer.