November 13, 2009


when we had our appointment with DR H in seattle in october, we had the privilege of meeting another family affected by lyme. their strength, dignity and irrepressible joie de vivre in the face of the battle they are waging is remarkable. it was an honor to meet Chris and her daughter Nicole. i felt in a way that i already knew them as i have been following their journey through Nicole's blog, BITE ME.

Peter, DR H, Nicole, myself and Chris

DR H prefers to not be "public" so i've creatively protected his identity.
i couldn't help it. i needed a good laugh.

the CTV news program, W5, has been following Chris and Nicole's journey and struggle to get treatment for lyme disease. their story, as well as the struggles of other patients with lyme in canada will be featured in a 30 minute program entitled,

"Out Of The Wild:
Why some doctors are misdiagnosing a crippling disease caused by a shape shifting super bug"

this must see broadcast will air

Saturday, November 14th on CTV at 7pm.

if you don't get the channel or miss the broadcast
you will be able to view the program online at the CTV News W5 website
click here for more details


visit our buddy Peter's "you tube channel".

(peter's our 'go to media guy' and his channel has an extensive archived library of news footage about lyme in canada. he will be capturing tomorrow's broadcast and linking it up to his site shortly after it airs)

the W5 News Team and cameras were on location in seattle during DR H's visit. they interviewed him and i believe they will be broadcasting some of that interview tomorrow make sure to tune in and watch....

i wonder if they'll protect his identity as creatively as i did?

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