November 17, 2009


FLUFFY-FLUFFY took out her navel ring last week.
she is so not happy about it

for 16 years it was a part of her
now it is gone
she is left with a naked, old lady jelly belly

fluffy-fluffy has lost it over losing it.
such trauma.

DR H made her do it.
something about the effect of metals on the body's meridians:

"Meridians are pathways of energy in the body. Where-ever metal is present, it distorts the energy flow. If it is located near a meridian, it throws off the meridians and can have a small or even a large effect, especially long term on a person’s health. A more common area of body piercing is the navel. This is right on the meridian for the central nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for just about every single functioning part of your body. Putting a metal stud there distorts and short circuits the energy. So if you have metal on your central meridian this can obviously have all kinds of effects on all kinds of different parts of your health. One would never realize the preoblems relate to the stud on the navel.

so, in the name of science,
DR H killed fluffy-fluffy's novel navel beauty
he thinks its funny she is so distraught over it

but then again, fluffy-fluffy should know better than to expect empathy from a doctor who moonlights as a serial killer on tv.
ha ha

fluffy-fluffy is dubious and skeptical.

she'll grumpily give it the good old college try
after all,
what does she have to lose?

only a naked belly full of moon jellies.


Shanan said...

Take heart darling! They don't tend to grow over very easily. Have had mine out for several years now, and as my belly has recently become smaller *wink* I put it back in no problem! (no skin to push through either!)
Sooooooo when you get better...emphasis on WHEN!!! You can still put it back in and feel like the super hot mama that you are!
BTW love you lots. Know you guys are struggling with such a heavy burden right now. Praying for you daily....

Renee said...

Oh dear oh dear...what we do to get well!
I watched the video on Lyme you posted. I realized your Dr. H is in the new book I am reading my Connie Strasheim...Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment... He is one of 13 LLMDs who have their treatment protocols in the book. Very interesting.
You remain in my prayers.