June 8, 2012


Dear Friends,

I have a special request!! 

Next Wednesday, (June 13) Parker will have officially completed  grade 7. Yet, b/c he's been ill & was unable to attend his public school, he will miss out on all the Grade 7 GRAD festivities. That really bites. Grade 7 Grad is a BIG DEAL - and if any kid deserves recognition for reaching this milestone, it is Parker. He has had to persevere and overcome extraordinary challenges to accomplish this. 

I would love to have his accomplishment acknowledged in a special way. So I am asking YOU, my friends, to send me a short email of congratulations for him by June 13. 

My hope is that I will be able to mark this momentous occasion with a huge stack of congratulatory and encouraging messages to present to him. I can already imagine his reaction - one of bewildered delight...his sweet, shy smile spreading across his face and lighting up his eyes. He is a kid that shuns the spotlight - but I know that this will mean the world to him. To know that people care enough to acknowledge his accomplishment will be something he will carry with him in the years to come.

I am wanting to surprise him with this on June 13, so please email your messages to sngoertzen@gmail.com as soon as possible

thx so much :)

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