June 11, 2012


one of the assignments that parker had for his social studies curriculum was to write a travel journal. since getting sick, parker has had immense struggles with brain fog, written word and transferring his thoughts on to paper. in order to overcome his challenges in these areas, he creatively thought outside the box. he ambitiously set forth to create a photographic travel journal. 

i loved this idea... and not just because it's right up my alley as far as creative interests lie but because it nailed a ton of 'learning outcomes' all in one fell swoop. and the bonus? it meets the criteria for learning outcomes in just about EVERY subject. and the double bonus? he got to use several media mediums that he is developing a keen interest in - photography, window media movie maker and stop motion animation.

his travel journal is primarily based on our last trip to SF...with the addition of a couple shots -mainly of taylor - from prior trips. before we left on this past trip, parker planned out what he would like to all include in his journal and then made sure to take pictures of those things. on one of our days in SF, he and avery grabbed the camera and disappeared (around the hotel) for about an hour. the pictures those two cooked up are definitely reflective of their comedic side. oh my!

his final product is fantastic! and we he has worked very hard on it for the past month and he finally completed it today! we are so proud of him! and i am so happy that he has asked me to share it here on my blog! i am excited for others to not only see it - but to catch a glimpse of him. parker may have lyme...but it does not have him! it does not define who he is. he is a truly sweet, remarkable, courageous, determined and hilarious kid - i am honored to have had him as a 'pupil' and i am blessed to call him my son.

one last thing - a gentle reminder...

You have 2 more days to email me a little message of congratulations to Parker for completing Grade 7! (more info here) a huge thank you to those of you who have already done so! 

so far I've received 11 beautiful messages of congratulations... I'd LOVE to have a whole stack of messages to gift him with.


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lymebegone said...

SWEET movie Parker. Well done...loved it...all the detail, spunk and innovative filming :)
That's for sure- you may have Lyme, but Lyme quite definitely DOES NOT have you!!