June 17, 2012


not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but this year is the queen’s diamond jubilee. the kids have taken a fairly keen interest in watching some of the festivities on the telly. of course, avery is at the age where queens, kings, prince and princesses are a part of her imaginary play, so seeing "real royals in living color" is very captivating and duly impressive. the fact that the real queen is "ancient" (her words, not mine) makes it all the more extraordinaire.

on wednesday, parker and i had a meeting with the teacher at his distance ed school to hand in his portfolio of curriculum and officially wrap up the school year.  i wanted to mark the day with a little pomp and circumstance...and thought it would be nice to surprise him with a little grad party dinner followed by the presentation of the "YOU DID IT!" scrapbook. in order to keep it all under wraps, i left avery in charge of decorating the house while parker and i were away at our meeting.

Table fit for a King

i left out some ribbon, balloons and blank paper for avery to work her decorating genius on. that girl outdid herself. i love her creativity and imagination. 
Welcome to a Royal Grad Jubilee!
upon our arrival home, she greeted us with a curtsy and welcomed us to the exclusive "invitation only" royal grad jubilee. she had made little invitations...

and even place cards for the table...

it was just an awesome sight to come home to.
it was beautiful, festive, and royally hilarious.

Classic Avery eye roll. What a girl!

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