June 29, 2012


there has been a lot going on in the political pool of lyme lately and it's garnered a fair bit of media attention. it's exciting news to share...

On Thursday, June 22nd, Member of Parliament- Elizabeth May introduced a Private Member's Bill calling for the development of a national strategy to address the challenges of the timely recognition, proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. The Bill also calls for funding for provinces and territories to implement the strategy. The Bill is multi-faceted, with detailed timelines that require adherence by the Federal Minister of Health at various stages, including when the conference must be convened, when the health minister would report back to MP’s, timeline for posting new national strategy on the official gov’t website, and many other critical details to ensure that the job is done right.

See the official Bill by clicking on this link - National Lyme Strategy Bill

Below is the press conference announcing the tabling of the Bill in the House of Commons. Please watch. My friend Chris' beautiful & courageous daughter, Nicole, shares just a brief glimpse of her battle with lyme. 

"Lyme disease can be devastating. Too many Canadians are now disabled, deprived of the joy of family and friends, of school or work, due to Lyme disease.  The public and the medical community need to be educated as to the increasing incidence and range of this disease.

Warming temperatures are leading the increase in range for the black legged tick.  Scientists are endeavoring to create enhanced surveillance tools, such as risk maps.  A national strategy could support this work and ensure that people can be vigilant in areas where the tick is becoming established.  If doctors know that the local risk has increased, they can help with early diagnosis and prevention. Scientists are warning that a warming climate will expand the geographic range of Lyme disease-carrying ticks further into Canada, so it is imperative that we are proactive.

Early treatment with antibiotics can avoid potentially serious long-term disabilities or even death.  Lyme disease requires improved diagnostic testing and proper treatment to avoid the long term effects of Chronic Lyme Disease." ~Elizabeth May

Although Elizabeth May is the leader of The Green Party, this bill is not party specific and is aimed at supporting all Canadians with a much-needed, coordinated national strategy to get rid of the massive roadblocks currently preventing quick diagnosis, timely and accurate testing, full treatment and longer term support and care. We need for this bill to get passed! We need your help to do so.

Here's how you can help:
  • Contact/Email your federal MP and if at all humanly possible set up a face-to-face meeting. Find out who your federal MP is by clicking here
  • Tell MP that you know others across Canada in the same predicament 
  • Tell MP that you, your family or friend(s) are being denied the right to health care and the devastating impact that has had on their recovery, family life and finances. Feel free to forward them a link to my blog.
  • Forward them a link to the National Lyme Bill C-442 - click here for link
  • Ask if you can count on their support to get this bill passed.
  • Make sure your MP knows this is not just a ‘Green’ party bill, it is a bill that could affect every single Canadian including themselves, or their loved ones.

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