September 14, 2011


parker's picc is in.

he is in major pain but the surgery is done. for that we are grateful.

i spoke with the surgeon after surgery. yes, the picc is in place - but it was a very difficult placement because parker's veins are not in good shape. no one could have anticipated or known this prior to surgery. it just is what is. parker has a form of chronic thrombosis and vein stenosis...the surgeon had to re-route around many blockages... as result, there is much instability in the vein and there is certainly a heightened risk for this PICC to not last. 

my head is reeling. i'm still shaking.

just trying to process it has been a horrible day for all of us to endure...there is much prayer needed for healing of the site and his veins...will update later - probably tomorrow.

thank you to everyone who sent messages of support today. i literally feel like i would have completely lost it without them. words cannot express how much it means to know that folks are walking alongside of us in thoughts and prayers. thank you.

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alyson1derland said...

Sending you much love and strength!

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." ~Author Unknown