September 9, 2011


we've fought
we've lost
there are no options left here in BC
we have no recourse

our son has been denied access to medical intervention. period. end of story. the only other option we'd have is to try to press for a reversal of denial thru media outlet and/or trying to get our situation heard by the health minister through our MLA. but time is of the essence here. and that would take time, energy, effort and all with no promise or guarantee of a favorable outcome.

these last few days have taken a tremendously enormous emotional toll on us. most importantly, parker has been exposed to all of it. again. he's been in every appointment and heard with his own ears, doctor after doctor deny him care. 

at this point, we have to do what is RIGHT for our son...and not try to make our medical system do right for him. they won't. they've made that clear. at this point, the continued denials are as damaging to his emotional well being as the denial of care is to his health.

parker and graham will be leaving for california as soon as possible. PICC surgery is scheduled for monday morning with DR C in san jose.

nothing more to say. thank you so much for sending your love and support our way. it is what keeps us going.


Unknown said...

I am just heartbroken for you and your family. I cant imagine the thoughts that are running through your sons head. Hard to understand why you can't get the care you need there. I will continue to say lots of prayers that your family gets through this.

Unknown said...

HI. I just wanted you to know that I read your blog, and I'm very sorry for all you and your family are going through. From reading, I'm pretty sure you see the same doctor I do, and will be seeing the same PICC doctor. I want to wish you well. I have had to face much of the same denials here, and....well, it's hell.