September 14, 2011


i planned on updating the blog today once parker's surgery was done...however, they are having much difficulty with the surgery and as such, i feel the need to just let folks know so that they can ramp up the prayer.

parker has been in surgery for over an hour now. the surgeon just came up to tell graham that they are having difficulty threading the new line thru his callatoral veins due to scarring from his previous picc.

parker is in pain...but bearing it all like a trooper.

i am falling apart. i was "okay" until i realized that he had been in surgery way longer than expected...than i knew it probably wasn't going well. it is very very hard to not be there. i only have sporadic contact with graham thru wifi at surgery clinic - 

please pray
for parker
for the surgeon
for the surgery to soon be successfully finished
for forbearance

this is so very difficult

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