September 28, 2011


PLEASE take a moment to go to the link at the bottome of this post and sign.

signatures are needed not just from all canadians that suffer with lyme disease BUT ALSO from FRIENDS and FAMILY of lymies.

Please sign this petition in support of treating this disease in our own country. the petition is urging the BC government to implement the recommendations of Dr Brian Shmidt's report.

 Dr. Brian Schmidt's report, among other things, urges the BC Government to:

- Develop accurate Lyme disease testing;

- Educate BC physicians to clinically diagnose Lyme disease;

- Provide long term antibiotics for Chronic Lyme disease;
- Provide physicians the freedom to treat Lyme patients on an individual basis without having to follow the Infectious Disease Society of America's restrictive 2-4 week course of antibiotics.

thank you


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