September 8, 2011


graham and parker are still in the hospital. i just spoke with graham and our suspicions have now been confirmed - the doc from last night NEVER wrote the order. it's not a surprise but it is still a huge emotional blow - a shot in the heart. a big one. 

graham is being persistent and thankfully, the IV nurses at the hospital are advocating on our behalf. the surgeon has been in to see parker and everyone (nurses, us and surgeon) are in agreement that the surgery needs to move forward...but that cannot happen without a written order from a there is still a chance...i am a wreck, parker is fed up and graham is tired but persisting.

please continue to persist in prayer.

i am so grateful for the messages of support. i am tired. i am crying a lot. i don't get why every step of this journey has to be a fight. i am faint and weary of heart. your support really means a lot.


Renee said...

Praying for Parker and all of you.

Nicole said...

sending hugs and strength to you are your family. being in a hospital here is so scary!

as a distraction, thought i'd send you a link for this FANTASTIC food blog. many vegan and all GF items. we made the basic bread, and pizza dough, and both were out of this world. not just by GF standards either. best pizza dough ever, regardless of ingredients!

hope this brightens your day, or your kidlets stomachs :).
much love from nicole bottles (