September 8, 2011


graham just called from the hospital and the surgery (for today anyway) is a NO GO. somehow between last nite at 11pm and 7am this morning, the order for the surgery has gone missing. i am not surprised. not at all. when i spoke with graham last nite, i told him to get a copy of the order before he left the hospital...unfortunately, he didn't. he tried - but it didn't happen (it's a busy place) and parker was so sick and tired and it was midnight and the doc said he'd write the order...but now that order is no where to be found...and we have no record of it or proof of it...the surgeons cannot do surgery without an order from the doctor.

the IV nurses down at BCCH have been and are amazing. they have been wonderfully supportive and are working hard to find the mysteriously missing paperwork. if it has simply just gotten lost in the shuffle (as is possible in a busy hospital) than we still have a shot at getting the surgery done next week...the earliest would be next tuesday as PICC surgery at BCCH is done only on tuesdays and thursdays. we are now trying to problem solve the logistics of administering parker's IV meds until then...graham can't keep taking him down to BCCH every 8 hours for infusions indefinitely...and naturally, in case this is a lost cause, we are starting to make preliminary plans for scheduling an unexpected trip back down to california to have replacement done by surgeon down there...just in case 

of course, we are semi-hopeful that the ER doc kept his word and did indeed write the order and that the paperwork is just legitimately "lost", and that our whole hope for surgery to be done here is not a lost cause but, well...hope is waning...being hopeful can be exhausting..

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