May 7, 2009


ah, wouldn't it be lovely to escape to a sunny, warm local and soak in some rays for a couple of days?

and maybe i can. maybe i will.

I'm due for my next in office appointment with DR H, so graham and i will be leaving for California this coming Monday, May 11.
i have been obsessively checking the weather network for California.
the weather man is predicting it will be a balmy 24 degrees in the SF area next week.
won't that be grand!

that's really not what this post is about.

it's about ESCAPE TANNING...a tanning salon not too far from my home.

i have been going to Escape Tanning twice a week since November
but have no tan to show for it.
but that's because it's not your average tanning salon...
not by any stretch of the imagination!

they also specialize in Ionic Detoxification and Infrared Sauna Therapy.

my ionic foot bath

- yes, it smells as bad as it looks
phew! poor George!

escape tanning is conviently located 3 doors down from where i go for my lymphatic drainage massage therapy. these are all therapies that DR H prescribed as part of my treatment protocol.
it is best if they are used in conjunction with each other so it is an added bonus that they are in such close proximity to each other. while some may raise an eye in skeptism and consider it hokey (i know i sure had my doubts at the beginning) all of these therapies have made a huge difference in my overall health. most notably they help to alleviate the severity and intensity of my joint pain and stimulate my sluggish lymphatic system. and when i am not able to do them together or as often as DR H advised, i can see and feel the difference.

escape tanning is a family owned and operated business. run by Mom and Dad, Sophie and George and their daughters, Tanya and Lorie.
their motto is "our priority is you"
is it ever
they truly go above and beyond

over the past many months, i have often been touched by their care and concern
they have shown it in a mulitude of ways:

from having tea ready for me to sip while i detox
or the day i came in to discover they had bought a portable heater to blast me with because they had noticed that i am always cold;
from the "just checking up on you phone calls" when i was too sick to come in
or just chatting with George as he keeps a watchful eye on me and my stinky feet;
from the empathetic hugs on days when i hobbled in like (as they put it) "a 90 year old man"
or the times i've just socialized with the girls about girl stuff

the list goes on and on...
they have truly gone above and beyond

since starting my million dollar drug alinia, i have sadly had to cut back on my visits to escape tanning. even though these are doctor prescribed therapies, they are not covered by medical. and they are very expensive.

last week, George told me they had had a meeting about me.
"do you want the good news or the bad news first?" he teased me
"oh no, what did i do now?" i chuckled back, "better give me the bad news first."

"well, you are going to be seeing a lot more of me again." he said
and then he made me cry...

he told me that they had noticed i wasn't coming in as often as i should. and they knew why. and that is why they would no longer be accepting payment from me.

"what? why?" i choked out between my disbelieving sobs

"because we just want you to get better. so, you just need to promise me you'll come as often and as much as you need."

escape tanning...above and beyond

tanya, sophie, george, lorie

thank you to this genuinely caring and incredibly generous family
you've made a difference in my life

so if you live in my neck of the woods and are up for a little detox, or catching some rays or indulging in a little nail art (lorie does amazing pedicures/manicures) or just in need of a little TLC, then Escape Tanning is the place to be!


Renee said...

This is fantastic! What beautiful, caring people they are. What a blessing for you!

A note: We are looking into purchasing a portable infrared sauna as my dr. wants me to use it and my husband would too... Have not taken the plunge as of yet, but searching them out. Have heard so many say such positive things about them.
Take care and Happy Mother's DAy!

Loved all the photos of your sweet girl.

Tamara said...

Wow!! God is good and goes beyond our hopes and sees our need. What a sweet blessing for you.

I'm often blessed and encouraged (and laugh and cry) as I read your posts of this crazy journey through the dark tunnel of Lyme.