May 3, 2009


my baby girl is 6.
time flies.
so cliche.
but so true.

it seems like just yesterday that she made her much anticipated, much awaited debut into our family.

avery has a unparalleled zest for life... matched only by her passion for pasta.

and at the ripe old age of 6, she has her entire life planned.

and as she puts it, is very concerned that she is running out of time to find a husband.
yes. really.

the birthday cake she designed....

resplendent with wedding bells and doves.

she is going to marry chase... or arjun... or matthias.
but hasn't quite decided who would make the best husband...she says she is currently "weighing her options"

chase seems to be the front runner tho'.
she says she likes his spiky hair.
avery has been completely enamored with chase and his hair since she was 2.
chase is 18 and one of taylor's good friends.

recently chase was over for a visit. and avery was over the moon. chase good naturedly endured her not too subtle adoration.

after he left, she kept saying in a sing-songy voice,
"i love chase! oh, boy, i love chase with all my heart!"

graham remarked to her that he thought she loved jesus.
"isn't jesus in your heart too?" he asked her.
"oh daddy, of course jesus is in my heart." she giggled, "you are so silly daddy, chase isn't in my heart....he's in my brain! boy, oh boy, is he EVER in my BRAIN."

she has decided she will grow her family through adoption
1 boy, 2 girls.
she will name her son indiana jones, her first daughter marion and is still deciding on the name for her other daughter.

between now and then, she has plans to save us all from becoming fashion victims.
it is a job she takes very seriously

she likes to put on fashion shows because as she remarks, "its just like 'What NOT to Wear' except i KNOW what to wear... but i should be on the show in order to help others."
(watch out stacy and clinton! you've got competition!)

but until this self proclaimed fashionista gets her own show,
she is happy to give free advice to those of us that need it.

and apparently there are many of us out there.

most recently she was overheard saying that don cherry should be on "What NOT to Wear"

naturally i assumed that she meant he needed help with his wardrobe. (after all, in most people's books, he is a prime example of what NOT to wear)

i'd have to say her wardrobe choices strangely resemble his outrageous get-ups

given that she feels herself to be a paragon of fashion maybe what she really meant was that he, like her, is a perfect example of what TO wear.

who knows?
maybe they both know something the rest of us don't
and the joke is really on us.


i've got sunshine
on a cloudy day

when it's cold outside
i've got the month of may

i guess you'd say
what can make me feel this way

my girl

my girl

talkin' 'bout my girl

i've got so much honey
the bees envy me

i've got a sweeter song
than the birds in the trees

i guess you'd say
what can make me feel this way

my girl

my girl

talkin' 'bout my girl

i don't need no money
fortune or fame

i've got all the riches, baby
one man can claim

i guess you'd say
what can make me feel this way

my girl

my girl

talkin' bout my girl


Jensboys said...

Happy Birthday Avery. Your mom is so lucky to have you!

Aunty Jen

Alison said...

Love this post.... Happy Birthday Avery, take good care of your MOM!!